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Reviews Are Reputation!

94% of patients would consider one similarly qualified doctor over another due to more positive reviews.
47% of penitents would go out-of-network for a doctor who has similar qualifications to an in-network doctor, but has more favorable reviews

In today’s digital universe Reviews Are Reputation.

With our Pure Healthcare Focused service, your facility and doctors enjoy top ranking reviews while keeping negative feedback offline visible only to you and your team.

Use our Free Online Health Check Scan, to check how your practice, facility and doctors are presented online.

HIPAA Complaint Review Responses Done for You

Healthcare providers that respond to reviews receive HALF A STAR or MORE in reviews-ranking than healthcare providers that don’t respond.

Moreover responding to BAD REVIEWS is critical in the process mitigating their influence and trying to convince the writer to remove them.

However, if responses to reviews ARE NOT HIPAA compliant, your business might be liable to severe fines.

Our HIPAA Compliant Trained PR copywriters will write the review responses for you. Making sure you keep in communication with patients without comprising your business, while taking yet another task off your to-do list.

Be everywhere your patients are

Be everywhere your patients are. Get found on +60 sites including Google, Facebook, Yelp, top medical directors and other third-party apps, maps, and social networks. Enjoy 2.7X more views, get better search results, and keep your information accurate and up to date.

Adapt in real time, every time

Holiday hours. Business openings and closings. Back to school special services and promotions, new doctors joining your practice, new services offered, etc. Your digital knowledge isn’t static; it’s constantly changing and evolving with your business. Keep your patients informed in real-time across your website and app as well as the search engines, maps, and social networks that they rely upon daily. Eliminate the frustration of bad information once and for all.

Enhanced Content

A listing with all fields completed receives…


more searches


more Yelp Page views


more listing views

 Whether patients search for you by PERSONAL NAME (Dr. Jon Smith MD), or by your FACILITY NAME (Dallas Pediatricians Center), Rich-Data immediately increases the amount of views, reviews and conversions of your business listing across the web!

Is Your Listing Information Complete?

Is your information accurate across the web?

Business information changes 61 per year!

We analyzed a business that had no control over their online presence (on the right). As you can see, we saw a core NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data changes every 6 days, (61 times a year), without the businesses changing it!

Search Engines provide less exposure to businesses without a quality data single, and users looking for the business on different sites/apps/social networks, can’t find the business or get the wrong information.

Is Your Business Information Precises and Locked Across the Web?

For Solo-Practitoners, clinics or hospitals

Our Doctor clustering technology enable us to provide top level service for a Solo-Practitoner who wish to found in one or more location, or to a group of physicians working together in one facility or more facilities. Managing both the facility Online Reputation and Presence and the Doctors’.

Dedicated Account Management

Get dedicated support from our staff of experts on maintaining accurate profiles, responding to reviews, and disputing negative reviews. Account Managers are available for Premium Plans. The same account manager will share insights and consult on best practices for review management.

Bottom line!

94% of patients would consider one similarly qualified doctor over another due to more positive reviews – FACT!
If you want potential patients to FIND you AND to CONTACT YOU, you need to

  • Have your business information show exactly the same across all major search engines, social networks, apps and directories.
  • Make sure your business information is rich and includes all the information you share today on your website.
  • Have A LOT of POSITIVE reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Healthcare websites
  • Respond to bad and good reviews consistently
  • Make sure your business information can be understood by search engines.

It’s not hard or expensive to do, Contact Us today to get your FREE online presence health-check including Listing Review, Reviews and Site Speed. Absolutly Free.

2.7x Your online exposure, get found by personal or facility name, be impactful when patients find you!

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